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Abbe Stahl Steinglass

Harriet LesserI paint abstracts and landscapes.
In both, I want to make the strange seem familiar, and the familiar seem strange -  a common desire for an artist.
My abstractions begin as what I call ‘diagrams of ideas’; thoughts and phrases a writer collects in his notebooks I see in graphic images. The diagrams become visual symbols and metaphors as I work and the paintings become a way to tell a story.
My landscapes appear ‘real’.  When I find myself in strange places I paint with the intent of making them seem familiar to the viewer. I return to some landscapes over and over again - New York from my studio windows in Lower Manhattan; forests and hills in the Berkshires or beaches on Cape Cod. Some landscapes change drastically over the decades  partly because the sites take on new meaning as political climates change.
I take many private commissions, seeing them as joint efforts between the patron and the painter. It is the most frequent kind of collaboration. This collaboration between two artists began with drawing together from models, sharing philosophies of teaching and approaches to Art, and now arrives at a point where a chunk of each of our aesthetic minds is bound up with the other’s approach.


2000s                          250TH Anniversary Exhibition, Meetinghouse G
                                    The Third Artist, The Studio Gallery, R St., Washington DC
                                    New Marlborough Artists 10th Annual Show, Meetinghouse
                                    The Painted Violin, Berkshire Music School, Pittsfield,MA
                                    Global Warning – The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    Woody, Wooly, Wet and Wild - The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    Inspired By Rivers, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    ECO Art, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    6TH Annual New Marlborough Artists, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    4TH Annual New Marlborough Artists, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    Harriet Lesser Exhibit, The Studio Gallery, Washington, D.C.
                                    Stripes, The Meetinghouse Gallery
1990s                          Open Studio, New York, The Loft, New York, NY
                                    New Marlborough Artists, The Meetinghouse Gallery, New Marlborough, Massachusetts
                                    2nd Annual New Marlborough Artists, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    Rivers, The Meetinghouse Gallery
                                    Air: Atmosphere and Kinetics, The Meetinghouse Gallery
1980s                          At Home in Jerusalem, Tifereth Israel Synagogue, Washington, DC.
                                    Last Year in Jerusalem, Gallery of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,
                                                Washington, DC.
                                    Things That Go Bump in the Night, WWAC Gallery,
                                                Washington, DC.
                                    Survey of Jewish Women Artists, Yassenoff Center,
                                                Columbus, Ohio.
                                    Backgrounds, WWAC Gallery, Washington, DC.
                                    Art 7: International Art Exposition, Washington Convention Center,
                                                 Washington, DC.
                                    Open Studio, 1988, Washington Project for the Arts.
                                    Open Studio, 1985
1970s                          Hawaii and Other Landscapes, Stewart Mott Gallery, Washington, DC.
                                    Cape Cod, WWAC Gallery, Washington, DC.
                                    Ritual and Traditional Garments, WWAC Gallery, Washington, DC.
                                    Caribbean, Meyer Gallery, Washington, DC.
                                    Family Constellation, Market 5 Gallery, Wash., DC.

Selected Commissions

Anita’s Afternoon – Anita Weiner
Haifa Panorama  - Eugene and Anita Weiner
Seascape  -  Deena Luria and James Reisman
Arizona      -   Deena Luria and James Reisman
California   -  Jay Jackman and Myra Strober
Cyclamen  -  Carol Robins
Superman (“Up, up into the stratosphere”)  -  anonymous


                Hunter College, City University Of New York
                M.A., Fine Arts, Teacher Education Program
                New York State Education Department, Permanent Certificate
                Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
                B.A., Fine Arts
                School Of Art and Design, New York City

Additional Education                      
                 Harvard School of Education, Boston, MA
                 Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC
                 Hornsey College of Art And Crafts, London, England
                 Institut Asher, Bex-les-Bains, Switzerland
                 Art Students League, New York City

Professional Experience

Community Programs
1992-2008                   Arts Coordinator
                                    Ackerman Institute For The Family, New York, NY
                                    Experimental Art Programs.
                                    Training Workshops, New York
                                    Sloan Kettering Medical Center
                                    North General Hospital
                                    New York Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
                                    Network for Performing and Visual Arts Schools
                                    University of Bari, Italy
                                    Aigle, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                                    Schneider Children’s Hospital, Israel
                                    Children’s Hospital, Denver, Colorado
            Administration: Director
                                    Artsummer Enrichment Program, Washington, DC
                                    Washington Women’s Art Center, Washington,DC
                                    New York:
                                          John A. Reisenbach School, Friends Seminary School, Pratt Institute,
                                          Bronx House,
                                    Washington DC: 
                                          Georgetown Day School, Washington Women's Art Center,
                                          Aidan Montessori School, Aidan Summer Enrichment Program
                                          San Mateo County Community Center, San Mateo,
                                          The Moore School, Burlingame
                                          New Jersey Public Schools, Fort Lee, NJ
                                          Massachusetts Public Schools, Tewksbury, MA
                                    Conceptual illustrations for Marriage and Marital Therapy from Three
                                                                     Perspectives, Brunner/Mazel, New York, 1977.                                   
                                    Illustrations for The Alcoholic Family, Basic Books, New York, 1987