Harriet LesserThis site offers the opportunity to see an unusual collaboration.
For many years, these two artists have been producing mixed media screens and paintings with increasing levels of interaction.  These projects lead them to explore the differences between partnership and collaboration. The artworks show how two artists create a third aesthetic approach.

After two decades of working together, in various parts of their professional lives, Lesser and Steinglass began to think that when they work together it is as if there is a third artist working with them.

Their individual work is quite different. And while their resumes overlap in places - born in New York, similar formal and Art educations, similar professional experience - these two artists see things differently and they represent things differently, taking different approaches to elements of painting.

While Lesser leans toward the canvas as a flat plane, Steinglass aims for a deep perspective. Lesser manipulates line and negative space; Steinglass focuses on objects and form. When they come together, these differences become tools for a third point of view.  They talk. They paint over each other’s work.  Eventually, ‘the third artist’ emerges.  It is the sense of a third artist that allows all these elements to fuse.

A screen  permits the presentation of more than one viewpoint, offering many perspectives. Moving around these works, the viewer shifts his own perspective.

The artists produce works in which each recognizes herself and the other artist. What they create, neither would have imagined alone.