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Harriet Lesser
Harriet LesserI started out as a poet. Eventually the images behind words and phrases became more important than the words themselves and became my primary focus. For a confusing couple of years I painted over poems and wrote over painting.
Formal art training, museum studies and experience hasn’t removed me from enchantment with the beauty of a line and the space surrounding it.
Making something from nothing is central to most artists.  For me that includes exploring new media while keeping in touch with classical processes-- an interesting tightrope. Right now I am combining elements of painting, drawing, Polaroid transfer process and monoprinting.
From studying paintings, working around other artists, foreign travel and life experience, the collaborative process is a natural direction to take. It is still developing.



2009       “ An Apple A Day”  Studio Gallery, Washington DC
2007       “ The Third Artist”  Studio Gallery, Washington DC
2005       “Classic Cars,” Norman Parish Gallery, Washington DC
2004       “All’s Fare,” Studio Gallery, Washington DC 
2002       “ Now” Charles Sumner Museum, Washington, DC          
2001       “Alonetogether”  Studio Gallery, Washington, DC2000                 
2000       “Unexpected Harmony”  American Association for the Advancement of Science, Wash. DC
2000       ”Places”, Washington Gas , Project Brasas, Washington DC                       
2000       “The Nudes” Micro-Gallery, Project Brasas, Washington DC
1999       "Places in the Landscape, ”Studio Gallery Washington, DC.
1996       "Organic Systems" Studio Gallery, Washington, DC
1995       "On the Way Here", Main Street Gallery, Chincoteague, VA
1993       "Backstage Alaska", Studio Gallery, Washington, DC
1986       "Recent Works", National Geological Society Gallery, Washington, DC
1985        Emerson Gallery, McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, VA
1982        Slavin Gallery, Washington, DC
1980        Canal House Gallery, Washington, DC
1979        Centre des Echanges Culturels, Kigali, Rwanda,  Gallerie Entremonde, Paris
1978        Galleries D'Egmont, Brussels

Juried (group)

2008       “ From Farm to Market” VisArts at Rockville, Rockville MD  
2008       “Collaboration: A Way of Work” , VisArts at Rockville, Rockville MD
2007       “Inspired by…” VisArts at Rockville, Rockville Maryland      
2005       “In the Garden”, Studio Gallery, Washington DC                                 
2004       “in2Words” Words, Target Gallery at the Torpedo Gallery Art Center, Alexandria, VA          
2003       “Landscapes” American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington , DC       
2003       “Collaboration” TIXE Gallery, New York, NY
22003       “Art as Activism”  Marlborough Artists, New Marlborough, MA      
2003       “Black and White”, Studio Gallery, Washington, DC           
2003       “Cuba Now!” Charles Sumner Museum, Washington, DC 
2002       “Party Animals”, Washington, DC
2001        ART and SCIENCE, National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China     
1999        Marlborough Artists, New Marlborough, MA
1997,96        Physics Center, Annapolis, MD
1996-1988,  annually        "Artist Teacher”, Charles Sumner Museum, Washington, DC
 2002-1992, semi- annually        "The Garden Room Show”, Studio Gallery, Washington, DC
1995        "Three Points of View" Rockville Arts Center, Glenview Mansion, Rockville, MD
1994         Hemicycle, Corcoran Museum of Art, Washington, DC
1990        "7" Studio Gallery, Washington, DC
1987        "The Altered Image", Arlington Art Center, Arlington, VA
1986         Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC;, Rutgers National Works on Paper Invitational
1985         Mid-Atlantic Arts Invitational, Washington, DC br /> 1984        "Urban Art", Sam Gilliam, juror, Washington, DC

Selected Works in Collections

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC
American Higher Education  Association, Washington, DC
American Embassy, Brussels , Belgium
American Embassy, Nouakchott
Neptune Products,  Tupelo Mississippi
Continental Can Company, Brussels , Belgium
Villas by Linda Smith, Washington, DC, Jamaica
Venute Interiors, McLean VA


General Services Administration, Washington, DC, Outdoor Mural, 12th Street, NW
N Street Village,  Washington, DC

Professional Experience

2005-2009         Director of Exhibitions and Programming VisArts at Rockville
2002-2005         Consulting Curator, 2004-05 Interim Director, Team Cluss,
                          The Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives, the German Historical Institute, The
                          Goethe-Institut, The Historical Society of Washington DC and City Museum,  Smithsonian
                          Institution’s Office of Architectural History, the Goethe Institute, Stadtarchiv, Heilbronn
1989-2002         Curator of Exhibits, Charles Sumner School Museum, Washington DC
1990-1993         Creator and publisher of the Artist/Teacher:                                                                                  1981-1993         Chair, Art Department, Fillmore Arts Center, Washington, DC.


Born:               New York, NY

                        Art Student’s League, NY, NY
                        Hunter College,  B.A.,       NY NY    
                        Bank Street College of Education MSE, Fine Arts, Arts Administration, NY, NY 
                        Parsons School of Art and Design, MSE, Fine Arts, Arts Administration, NY, NY